Block Paving - Weeds Pressure Washed Out

No more weeds!

Last week one of our jobs was to clean a driveway in Enfield that had suffered with weeds. Unfortunately the lady was tricked into having the whole driveway re-laid onto a membrane which she thought would stop the weeds germinating. WRONG! This is false statement made by those who will trick homeowners into thinking a membrane is needed beneath. It's a shame yet again we have come across this as the client was very upset about the expense and the driveway was never re-laid how it was first put down. Weeds start out as tiny spores that are blown onto your driveway which nestle into the gaps between the block pavers. No matter what membrane is laid beneath a surface, it cannot prevent the weeds from germinating above the surface. A membrane will though prevent the weeds growing down deeper and stronger which can sometimes unsettle the ground as the root grows deeper but this is very severe. We're currently conducting our own method of weed control using organic methods without the use of herbicides, so unfortunately I will not be posting anything about weed prevention for now until we have solid evidence and results that back up our conclusion.  

Enfield EN3