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We specialise in cleaning outdoor surfaces for residential and commercial properties whether it's Block Paving, Cobbles, Concrete, Brickwork, Crazy Paving, Granite, Render, Portland Stone, Sandstone, Slate, Slabs, Tarmac, York Stone and many more. We have the equipment and knowledge to clean a range of surfaces that have been affected by atmospheric pollution, weeds, moss, algae, lichen (black spots) or just general dirt and grime.

We have an extensive range of chemicals that are used to clean an array of surfaces, whereas most companies only use high pressure water to clean surfaces that in actual fact require chemical cleaning to achieve the best results. We offer a "stay clean" post treatment to all porous surfaces preventing them from "going green" until the area requires re-treating. This is an option we recommend after cleaning as this will prevent algae, moss, lichen and all other biofilms from re-growing, maintaining the appearance of the surface for an estimated duration of 6-12 months. This is also more cost effective than pressure washing and has zero abrasion on the surface.