Granite Setts - Driveway Cleaning #Pressurewashingjetwashingspecialist

It was a pleasure to clean this gentleman's driveway as it was left to get so dirty and the results we achieved pleased us as well as our client. Thank you for your kind words in your review Hasan!

This Granite sett block paved driveway had moss and oil stains that really brought the true appearance of the home down. Along with this there was a wall that was covered in green algae which we also took care of. We were able to remove 95% of the oil stains as these were left to soak on the surface for some years unfortunately. The rest came up immaculate, check out the results..

Mill Hill NW7

Many Thanks Bill. You have done an amazing work on my terrace. It looks Grate. Definitely, will continue to use your services and recommend anyone needs their patio cleaned.
— Hasan Dikme, Mill Hill NW7